Rigger course Module P-2.4 & P-4.4 English

The course provides insight into the principles behind the rigging equipment’s construction, operation, use and maintenance. The purpose is to avoid unwanted incidents in connection with rigging operations.

The rigging course is for personnel who use or assemble lifting equipment and manual winches and hoists. Equipment used for horizontal and vertical movement of loads, and which is suspended in an uncertified structure (beam/padeye). The course will also be useful for personnel involved in lifting operations on land.


The learning initiative must have a duration of at least 40 teaching hours, and must be distributed over a minimum of 5 days. In this context, a teaching hour means 45 minutes of teaching. A prerequisite for this training module is that P-2.4 and P-4.4 are taken consecutively.

40 hours, with the following time distribution:

Theory8 hours
Practice24 hours
Theoretical final exam2 hours
Practical test for group 1, evaluated by group 23 hours
Practical test for group 2, evaluated by group 13 hours
Sum40 hours

Prior knowledge

Module O-1.1 G11 Lifting equipment (alternatively module 1 + 2.3).

Fall protection basic ref NS 9610/ NOROG guideline 113,  8 hours

All pre-requisites must be documented by the participant in the form of a certificate of competence at the start, and must be approved by the training organization, before the learning initiative starts.

Final exam

The exam

Course certificates are issued

  • Date : 08 Apr 2024 - 12 Apr 2024
  • Time : 08:00 - 14:30 (UTC+1)
  • Reg. Deadline : 07 Apr 2024 14:00
  • Venue : På/At Worley Rosenberg

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